Jing Hé explores the blurred boundaries between the cyber and space, and reality within society. Hé merges ideas that go beyond the state of presence utilising digital platforms and explores materiality and form.


Everything is connected to something, which is connected to something else. While we may all ultimately be connected to one another, the specificity and proximity of connections matters — who we are bound up with and in what ways.

Jack Rossie is a photographer and artist, working predominantly in video and photography with a multimedia approach to creating. Their work, often introspective, consistently circles queer images and expression, the entanglement of gender and the body, and also, art as a vehicle for reclamation and celebration.

Offers participants an emotional platter of Performance / Video / Sound art. A banquet of nine fragmented, tangled and warped reflections on vulnerability, dis/connection and letting go. Expelled from within, the severance of these works from their creator is concurrent with their release to be viewed. Through release, or in opening up, the work shifts into another energy, existing within the viewer’s relationship.

In seeing you are participating.

The titles of the nine are as follows;

1. How have you sinned?
2. Howare you?
What do you mean?
3. My body is for me.
4. I’ll be your scarf and wrap myself around you, so I don’t have to be myself.
5. Are you gonna tell me who you are?
6. I only fill my lungs with smoke because I cannot bear the feeling in my chest.
7. Power over, power with, power to.
8. Fill me up

An additional work exists, to make a total of ten, I hold it for myself.

Hanson’s design practice seeps through to a myriad of creative disciplines, found within fashion, visual art, graphics and photomedia. Her work has a propensity for examining locales of beauty, personality, and the macabre, seeking to comprehend the raw, dark and tender areas of the human condition.

For this project, Hanson offers her skill to the construction of the visual communication design and branding for Hoetell. Her design work aims to elude to a scene of lost and faded hotel era, and has recontextualized the visual motifs for a current and minimal virtual scape.

Tobias Allen is an artist, and one who makes Video and Sound art in amongst a wider plethora of forms with interests in Grief, Death, Queerness and a penchant for antagonising para–social nepotism and affectatious salaciousness.

“The ARTWORLD Waiting Room” — Where you begin, where you receive your glass of wine; a room for the precise social interaction and nepotistic social experience.

“The ARTWORLD Gossip Room” — An empty room that you enter and is full of people who are not seen, but you hear their every whim, thought, gossip and hidden intention, and ultimately are watched in return.

Extended throughout a multitude of practices, Turners work has consistently traversed a settler–colonialism narrative with the desire of unpacking aspects of the trauma still rooted in Aotearoa and to openly look at the scale of mass extinction now occurring. From large scale projections, Virtual Reality, and across all of the digital disciplines. Their work presents data driven, digitally charged analysis of this contemporary world.

For this exhibition Turner has explored the relationship between the non–human and human to further engaging with the colonial landscaped space around us.

The Non–Human in Human [INJECTED] (2020)
360 VR Video, Sound

Turner also created the virtual space which is ‘HOETELL’.

Jing Hé

Jack Rossie

Fynn Hanson

Tobias Allen

George Turner